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An Indiana Truck Accident Attorney from Tofaute & Spelman with Over 50 Years of Experience Will Fight For YOU. 

Accidents involving big commercial trucks tend to cause severe injuries and fatal crashes when the drivers do not observe public safety rules and federal laws regarding inspection and maintenance. The average passenger vehicle weighs just over 4,000 pounds. A fully-loaded commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds or more. As a result, the driver and passengers in a typical passenger car or even small truck are at significant risk of suffering serious injuries or even death in an accident. If you’ve been the victim of a motor vehicle-commercial truck accident, an Indiana truck accident attorney will advocate for compensation so you can make a full recovery. 

At Tofaute & Spelman, we bring over 150 years of combined experience and over 50 years of experience as a law firm to the table. There is no aspect of big truck accidents that we haven’t seen or dealt with at some point in our careers. Remember, insurance companies are like any other business in that their job is to make money. They do this by denying or delaying claims or offering undervalued settlements. 

Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Indiana

Over the years, we have seen big truck accidents caused by any number of factors, some of which include:

  • A trucker’s impaired driving.
  • A trucker’s fatigued driving.
  • A trucker’s speeding.
  • A trucker’s distracted driving.
  • A trucker’s poor judgment.
  • A trucker’s lack of experience.
  • A vehicle driver’s driving in the truck’s blind zones; i.e., the zones behind and beside a commercial truck where the truck’s mirrors don’t cover.
  • A vehicle driver’s changing lanes abruptly around a truck.
  • A vehicle driver’s misjudging an approaching truck’s speed at an intersection and making a left turn in front of the truck.
  • A vehicle driver’s merging improperly into traffic, causing a truck to brake quickly.
  • A vehicle driver’s failure to slow down or speed up when a truck begins to change lanes or merge.
  • A vehicle driver’s unsafe passing, particularly passing with insufficient headway.
  • A vehicle driver’s pulling into traffic in front of a truck without accelerating sufficiently.
  • A vehicle driver’s driving between large trucks.
  • Abandoning a vehicle in a travel lane or failing to get a disabled vehicle completely off the highway and onto the shoulder.

Truck Accident Liability in Indiana

Accidents with large commercial trucks can be tricky. For example, stopping an 80,000-pound vehicle traveling down the highway at 75 m.p.h. can cause catastrophic damage. Identifying the fault of the various involved parties is another reason truck accident cases are so complicated. 

With large commercial trucking accidents, there may be multiple parties that share fault for truck accidents, including:

  • Drivers. As independent contractors who may or may not have insurance, the truck drivers themselves are often solely responsible and likely, do not have the financial resources to pay for your damages.
  • Insurance Companies. Trucking companies are subject to special federal rules and regulations covering inspections to insurance. Sorting out the various parties’ insurance can be difficult. You’ll need an Indiana truck accident attorney with experience handling trucking accident cases, such as Tofaute & Spelman.
  • Trucking Companies. Trucking companies are tasked with ensuring that their trucks meet all federal regulations. When trucking companies fail to adhere to these federal regulations, they may be held liable for any resulting accidents.
  • Third-Party Contractors. Trucking companies often hire third-party contractors for any number of tasks. Although this may be due to costs, it may also be partly to shield themselves from liability.

How An Indiana Truck Accident Attorney from Tofaute & Spelman Can Help if You’ve Been Involved in an Accident with a Large Commercial Truck

An Indiana truck accident attorney represents you to any insurance company, opposing party, or lawyers. We’ll stand by you until you have recovered every penny of financial compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today. We offer FREE consultations, same-day return phone calls, and emails, multilingual staff, and we are available 24/7/365.